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MECOur Services

We provide quality service & support.

We are glad to aid you through the right program or course in any of the schools in Canada


Students Support

We identify the needs of students who desire to study abroad. We aid to provide the needed support for such students in a welcoming environment.


Visa Support

With the help of our partners, we ensure your visa process is stress free by guiding you all the way, with the much needed assistance.


Course Selection Guide

We assist our clients in the choice of the appropriate Bachelor/Master programme/ PG programmes.


Admission Letters

Students who have passed though our programs have successfully transited to their university of admission with scholarship offers.


Application to selected University

We help you to save money for university. We will advise you on tuition and all other costs. We also help you understand the cost of living in the selected city.


Post Admission Support

Our students are not left alone after admission, we ensure our students are doing well in their locations and occationally follow them up. We maintain that family bond.